Gas prices drop ahead of Independence Day

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gas-station-727162_1280Gas prices ahead of the Fourth of July holiday are hitting 11-year lows according to AAA.

Prices at the pump have shown a drop over the past week, and compared to last year at this time around 50-cents less.

The National Average according to AAA Wednesday morning was $2.29 for a gallon of regular unleaded.  That’s a drop of 1-cent in a day, 3-cents from the same time last week and 48-cents from this time last year.

In Missouri prices also saw a decrease.  The state average came in at $2.08, 1-cent lower than the day before and a week ago, and 56-cents lower than this time last year.

St. Joseph saw a decrease of 1 cent in a day’s time to an average of $2.09/gallon.  That’s 49-cents less than last year.  We found some stations around town selling gas for $1.99/gallon including the Garfield 66 on Garfield Ave.

AAA said this summer’s driving season will likely set new records for both gasoline demand and vehicle miles traveled as the latest data from the U.S. EIA shows that gasoline demand is currently at an all-time high.