Area firework sales are booming

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fireworks-804838_1280Local fireworks sales are on the upswing ahead of the Fourth of July weekend.

P.J. Kovac the owner of PJ’s Fireworks said people are in a buying mood this year.

“Just because it’s a four day weekend people are going to shoot more than normal,” he said. “If it was in the middle of the week, people almost would come in the night of the third and fourth then they gotta go to work early the next day, so it kinda knocks it down a bit. We’re looking forward to a really good year. They way it’s starting, it’s looking like it’s going to be.”

Sydni Hook with Kovac’s Firework said she is seeing a variety of buying trends.

“We have a lot of people come in for the cakes, the night-works. Then you have the people who always love the artillery,’ Hook said. “We have a lot of families that come in, so they’re trying to get stuff for the kids plus stuff for the night shows.”

Karen Brown with Fireworks World said fireworks are fun, but being safe is the most important part.

“Fireworks can be a very wholesome, fun family memory as long as safety directions and common sense are employed, ” Brown said. “It doesn’t mean you can’t have a beer while you’re shooting stuff off, but it means watch your kids. Help your kids enjoy them and teach them safe boundaries. Don’t drink the case of beer and try to shoot stuff off,” Brown said.