Senate passes cloture vote on GMO labeling

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senate sealThe U.S. Senate Wednesday afternoon narrowly approved a procedural vote on GMO labeling, setting up a possible final vote Thursday (today), according to the Hagstrom Report. The Senate voted 65 to 32 to limit debate on the bill. The voting was briefly interrupted by protesters throwing money and yelling “you’ve been bribed by Monsanto.” Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada voted against the bill, arguing that senators should have had the opportunity to offer amendments. The bill, known as the Roberts-Stabenow compromise, preempts state laws requiring labeling of genetically modified foods and establishes a federal mandatory disclosure system. The compromise was reached after lengthy back-and-forth debate between Senate Agriculture Committee Chairman Pat Roberts and the committee’s ranking Democrat, Debbie Stabenow. Farm Groups, such as the American Farm Bureau, the National Corn Growers Association and the American Soybean Association, are urging the U.S. House to quickly consider the measure once it presumptively passes the Senate.