Woman accused of prostitution at Maryville massage parlor

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courtA woman is accused of prostitution after a year-long investigation into a massage parlor in Maryville.

Wei Shi, 54 of Kansas City, Mo. has been charged in Nodaway County with a misdemeanor for prostitution.

According to court documents, in June of 2015 Maryville Public Safety began investigating after a report of an Asian massage parlor located at 1306 S. Main offering sexual contact with clients for money.

Officer Adam James with MPS said in July of 2015 he found ads online for “Sunny Massage” at that address that included pictures of Asian women in different states of nudity along with animated characters performing sexual acts.

“I ran license plates of individuals whom appeared to be working for and living at the business,” James said. “(3) females that were able to be fully identified had prior arrests for prostitution.”

James said towards the end of 2015 through March of 2016 activity appeared to have stopped or at least slowed.

“In April of 2016, I noticed the building was back to being occupied,” James said. “The signs in the windows were updated and traffic picked back up.”

James said on June 15 he made contact with a man in a motel parking lot after watching him leave the business.

“On condition of anonymity, the adult male confirmed he went into the building and agreed to pay $60.00 for a massage,” James said. “and was sexually gratified. The male admitted to being at the business toward the end of 2015 and having the same encounter.”

Earlier this week James said he made contact with a man leaving the business who claimed to have paid $40 for a 30 minute massage.

“Once she reached the area of his penis, she stated she would continue for a tip,” James said. “He asked her how much and she stated $50.00. After negotiation, they agreed on $30.00.”

James said the man claimed to have received the same treatment on two other occasions at the same business.

“He paid for a massage up front, but was offered sexual gratification for additional money,” James said.

A search warrant was executed at the business on Wednesday.

“Among other things, a black record book was located. The book offered what appeared to be a column for the date of a massage, a column for the message time requested 30 or 60 minutes, and a column for additional money paid,” James said. “This appears to substantiate his claim of 30 minute massages for $40.00, 60 minutes massages for $60.00, and then extra money paid during the massage for sexual gratification.”

Shi is set for an initial arraignment in Nodaway County Court on Monday.