Aquatic Park pool closed again for another sanitation issue

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St Joe Aquatic ParkAnother problem with sanitation in the water has prompted another closure of the pool at St. Joseph’s Aquatic Park at 402 South Noyes.

In a news release, officials say loose feces were discovered in the pool Sunday afternoon, and the pool was cleared and closed immediately.

It will remain closed until the pool water, filters and equipment can be properly sanitized and the chemicals and pH levels are safe for people to enter the water.

This comes soon after the center was closed late last week for what were described as “problems with sanitation.”

In the news release, officials asserted that the safety of patrons is their utmost concern.

“We want to ensure that everyone who visits our facilities has an enjoyable and safe time at our pools,” according to the news release.

“When a loose stool occurs at the water park, millions of bacteria circulate throughout all of the water areas, which can be a health hazard to anyone that ingests the water. To ensure that no one becomes ill, the pool is temporarily closed until the pool and all pool equipment, including filters, inner tubes, life jackets, and other parks equipment can be sanitized.”

During the time that the pool is closed, the Aquatic Park employees follow the CDC requirements to ensure that the pool is safe for patrons to enjoy. Pool employees will be hyperchlorinating the pool and using other chemicals to ensure the bacteria that is in the water is killed, cleaning the filtering system and all the pool equipment, and then bringing the chlorine and ph levels to safe levels.

All swimming lessons were moved to Krug Park Pool Monday so that the students do not miss more time learning swimming and water safety techniques. Krug Pool will also be open to patrons today. Entrance is $3.00 for 8 and under and $4.00 for all others.

The Parks Department requests that anyone who does not feel well, has been exposed to an illness, or knows that they are coming down with the illness, postpone their trip to the pool so that it can remain open for the public to enjoy.

It is unfortunate that this has happened so soon after the last closure and Parks apologizes to its patrons who rely on the pool for cooling down, entertainment and lessons.

Parks anticipates that the pool will be open July 19, 2016, at 11:00 a.m., unless something unforeseen occurs, for example, severe thunderstorms.