Midtown shooting scare appears to be unfounded

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wpid-wpid-sjpd-patch1.jpgOfficials notified several businesses to lock their doors Tuesday afternoon after what appears to have been an unfounded report of an active shooter.

Officers responded to the Family Guidance Center at 724 N. 22nd Street this afternoon after someone reported what they thought was someone of a roof with a weapon.  We have no reports of any shots fired, and police officials tell us they believe the report to be unfounded.

Gary Hammond of the Center says an employee received a call from her husband saying their might be a shooter on a roof near his house.  The report led officers to the Family Guidance Center.  Hammond says as far as he knows it was a false report.

Hammond wants to complement the police.  “They were very thorough, extremely professional, and should be commended for their work,” he said.