Study: Several towns in northwest Missouri deemed safest cities in the state

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Savannah Courthouse

Savannah Courthouse

Several towns in northwest Missouri have landed a spot on a list of safest cities according to a 2016 study released earlier this month.

The home security and financial website CreditDonkey has ranked several cities in northwest Missouri on its tops 50 Safest Cities in Missouri for 2016.  Smithville came in seventh followed by Savannah in the eighth spot, Kearney at 12, Pleasant Hill 13, Maryville at 23, Cameron at 29, Chillicothe 42, and Trenton at 48.

The study said on a national scale Misouri’s violent and property crime rates are on par with the average figured reported across all 50 states with St. louis regarded as being a high crime area.

Mary Ingersoll the Ex. Dir. for the Savannah Area Chamber of Commerce said Savannah’s ranking on the list came as no surprise.

“One of the best draws to live in Savannah is the low crime rate and great sense of community,”she said. “Savannah embodies small-town living at its best, and the 5,100 people who live here sleep well at night knowing that crime isn’t a regular occurrence. The city’s police department provides 24/7 protection, and officers are equipped with the latest technology to aid them in heading off criminal activity.”

To see the list in full CLICK HERE.