Woman accused of firing gun in house with children present

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courtA Country Club woman is facing felony charges in Andrew County after allegedly test firing a handgun into the floor of a house with three children inside.

Andrea Dispain, is charged with two felonies for unlawful use of a weapon and a felony for first-degree endangering the welfare of a child.

According to court documents, Tuesday night Andrew County Deputy Joel Cook responded to a domestic call to the 3100 block of 1/2 Squire Ln.

“Talking to Andrea Dispain when a 7-year-old boy walks out on the front porch pointing a black handgun at me asking me if this was mine,” Cook said. “I quickly took possession of the gun…finding the gun was loaded and had stove piped.”

Cook said the child claimed he had gotten it off of the steps in the house.

“Despain said that her boyfriend had gotten the gun out during the domestic threatening to shoot himself.  So she took the gun from him.  I asked her who had fired the gun due to it being stove piped,” Cook said. “She said no one had fired the gun.  I then asked for permission to check the house which she let me do.”

Cook said three boys were home at the time.

“As I walked through the house one of the boys said he knows where the bullets to the gun are at and took me upstairs to the bathroom,” Cook said. “I found a box of 380 Winchester ammunition, opened with 14 live rounds inside and one spent shell casing in the bathroom sink.  I then observed a bullet hole across from the bathroom in the sheetrock going to a child bedroom.”

He said he asked the boys if they had heard a loud bang sound.

“They said yes Andrea test fired the gun.  I asked where they were when the gun went off and they said one was in the back bedroom and two others where in the bedroom where the round went through the wall and a closet door, then coming to rest in the nightstand at the corner of the bed where a child’s head would lay,” Cook said. “I then went and spoke with Despain again who now states that she was in fear of her boyfriend coming back and had planned on shooting him in the leg if he did.  So she test fired the gun into the floor to make sure it works.”

Bail for Despain has been set at $50,000.  A hearing is set for Thursday.