Soles for Christ shoe distribution next Monday

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Soles2The Soles for Christ Shoe Program distribution will be Monday, August 8 from 8 am to 4 pm and Tuesday, August 9, 8 am to 6 pm.

The distribution will be held at AFL-CIO Community Services, the agency sponsoring the program, at 1203 North 6th Street. There is no pre-registration needed. No appointment is necessary.

The program will serve children entering preschool through 12th grade in Andrew and Buchanan Counties in Missouri and Doniphan County in Kansas. This includes public and parochial children. 

Parents or guardians must bring children with them to the distribution. The parents will be required to provide two different pieces of information. They will be required to provide one form of identification for each child to show proof of age; school ID, report card, birth certificate or any document that proves the child’s birth date. Parents will be required to provide proof of residency; a utility bill, rent/mortgage receipt or a school document showing their address. Preschoolers must have proof of enrollment in a preschool. Parents also need to furnish clean socks for trying on the shoes.
The goal of the program is to provide a new pair of shoes for each child to start school in and in turn boost the child’s self-esteem and enthusiasm for the coming school year. 

The agency will continue to accept donations of new shoes or money for the annual program all this week. The agency shops for any missing sizes of shoes needed. Any children not receiving shoes either Monday or Tuesday will be invited back later in the week to receive their shoes. When purchasing your donations please keep in mind that athletic (tennis) shoes are best, as some schools do not allow flip-flop or slip-on styles. Toddler’s size 5 to 10, youth sizes 11 to 6 and all adult sizes are recommended (no infant sizes please).  

You are welcome to dropped off your donations at the agency, 1203 North 6th Street. Hours for drop off are 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. The agency estimated a need of at least 1,500 shoes.
Since its inception in 2003, the program has distributed over 10,000 pairs of shoes. Last year, 1,179 pairs of shoes with a value of $29,475 were distributed. For more information, call 816.364.1131.