Man pleads guilty to lesser arson charge after burning ex’s home

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A man accused of intentionally setting fire to his ex-girlfriend’s home in Midtown will serve 4 years behind bars.

As part of a plea bargain Khayree Darton, 36 was sentenced Monday to serve 4 years for second-degree arson.  The state will dismiss charges of first-degree arson, tamper or attempt to tamper with a victim in a felony prosecution, and third-degree domestic assault.  The upgraded charges were filed after court documents said Darton repeatedly tried to call the victim to get her to change her statement.

As we reported previously, on April 7 shortly after midnight in the 1600 block of S 17th St Darton is accused of intentionally setting fire to his girlfriend’s home displacing a family of four.

“Told Darton she did not want to be in a relationship with him and started to leave the residence when Darton wanted her to stay,” said Officer Eric Powell with the St. Joseph Police Dept. “As (she) was leaving Darton said ‘that’s why I caught your house on fire.’”

Powell said the woman left the residence and returned about seven minutes later to find the house engulfed in flames.

The family was found safely evacuated.