Statewide assessments show some improvement, “opportunities to do better,” among SJSD students

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St Joe MAP graphic featureStudents in the St. Joseph School District showed some improvement over last year, and some room for growth, on the statewide student assessments. In a news release the St. Joseph School District announced improvements compared to 2015 in five of the seven grade levels in English, six out of eight grade levels in math and overall in social studies.

“There are areas that we can point to as improvements over the past year’s results, which we are certainly pleased to see” said Dr. Marlie Williams, Assistant Superintendent of Academic Services. “Our goal is that we have improvement across all tested areas, which means that there are opportunities for us to do better.”

When comparing overall content averages to 2015, the St. Joseph School District made improvements in English language arts, math and social studies.

“We improved in about two-thirds of the tested areas, with the most significant improvements in fifth grade math and Algebra 1; fifth grade math saw an 11.7 percent increase districtwide, while Algebra 1 saw an increase of 13.6 percent over 2015 levels,” stated Dr. Kendra Lau, Director of Assessment.

The St. Joseph School District also improved from 2015 by scoring above the state average in two additional categories. These included increases in third grade English language arts and math. Compared to the state averages for Special Programs, the St. Joseph School District exceeded statewide averages in math and social studies.

Dr. Lau, while noting gains, also expressed the St. Joseph School District has opportunities for improvement and more specifically, focused on science.

“Compared to 2015 scores, the St. Joseph School District’s average percentage difference was down 6.2 percent. In light of this, it’s encouraging that new science curriculum is being implemented through districtwide professional development.”

The district released a number of charts to show the results.
Click here for 2016 achievement levels
Click here for the results from last year.
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