New website to aid in Doniphan County community awareness

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Doniphan County officials have launched a new website in the hope of increasing the county’s online visibility and public awareness of area business and resources.

Adrienne Korson is the Dir. of Economic Development for the county and said the website launched Oct. 7.

“We have completely redesigned the website,” Korson said. “We redesigned it around economic development. Just to offer more of a new image and kick off the branding for the county.  With the website we also designed a new logo for Doniphan County as well.”

Korson said work on the new website began in March and the platform creation began in June.  She said the cost of the project was around $12,000 and included a $6,000 discount from Webcom Resources, the web development company based in Atchison, Kan. Half of the cost came from economic development, the Doniphan County Chamber of Commerce contributed $2,000 and the remaining amount was split between the other county departments.

New Doniphan County Logo

New Doniphan County Logo

“We saw that this could be an opportunity not to just list out what’s going on with the government and each department but also to kind of showcase the community.  Kind of give them a voice and create transparency and communication between all the cities and unincorporated areas,” Korson said. “Also to highlight the businesses in the area and really give them a digital presence as well.”

Features include a county news portal, community event calendars, pages for each of the cities, and a county-wide business directory. Korson said around 8,000 people live in Doniphan County.

“It really is a one stop shop for anything that you’re looking for dealing with in the county,” Korson said. “We’re hoping once everyone gets used to it and sees what kind of potential it has that we will be able to keep adding to it. Such as each of the city pages maybe to integrate more of the history about each of the city on there and making it into a news source for each area as well.”

She said businesses in the county can utilize the county’s website.

“We’re actually hoping that businesses will be able to market through the website. A lot of the businesses don’t have a digital presence so unless you live in the county and know that they exist people have a hard time knowing that they are there. Especially if they’re trying to Google the area and see what’s around and they don’t show up,” Korson said. “We’re trying to help them with their search optimization by giving them the opportunity for a small fee to be able to have their own landing page and be a featured business.”

To view the website CLICK HERE.