Babysitter pleads guilty to reduced charge for death of infant

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Nicholas L. "Nikki" Bradshaw

Nicholas L. “Nikki” Bradshaw

A Nodaway County babysitter charged with the death of a 10-month-old boy pleaded guilty to a reduced charge Monday, the same day his jury trial was scheduled to begin..

Nicholas “Nikki” Bradshaw was charged with two counts of abuse or neglect of a child resulting in death after the youngster died in December of 2014. The class-A felony carries a mandatory 15-year minimum sentence upon conviction.

As we reported earlier, a medical examiner testified the child’s death a homicide caused by “abusive head trauma.”

But Nodaway County Prosecuting Attorney Bob Rice says defense lawyers came forward with their own expert who said the injuries that caused the child’s death could have been sustained in a fall. That’s what Bradshaw told the parents of the child, though he refused to speak with police.

Rather than go to trial with experts who disagreed, Rice says he offered a lessor charge, involuntary manslaughter, to which Bradshaw pleaded guilty Monday afternoon.

Judge Roger Prokes accepted the plea and scheduled sentencing January 12. It’s an “open plea,” meaning attorneys for both sides can ask for whatever sentence they deem fit. Rice says he will recommend that Bradshaw serve the maximum prison term of seven years.