Street crews work to clear roads after overnight snowfall

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File photo

File photo

There was snow but no ice as crews worked to clear roads early Thursday morning.

According to Sgt. Brett Kelley with the St. Joseph Police Department, the snow stopped falling around 1:30 a.m. and the roads were not too problematic for motorists as no crashes or incidents were reported overnight.

Interim Superintendent of Streets and Sewers for the City of St. Joseph Keven Schneider said they were making good progress clearing roads Thursday morning.

“We haven’t had any problems, we started yesterday afternoon about four o’clock and we’ve progressed through the routes,” Schneider said. “We ran (emergency routes) a second time around five this morning so they would be in decent shape for the rush hour.”

Schneider said they will clear secondary routes again due to the amount of snow that has fallen since Wednesday night and, as of 9 a.m. Thursday, they were a little over halfway through clearing the smaller streets in residential areas. 

Schneider said if anyone thinks their street was missed and not cleared, to give them a call at (816) 271-4848 and they will send out a supervisor.

Many schools had delayed starts or cancelled classes including the St. Joseph School District Thursday morning due to the weather.

The National Weather Service said it has gotten in some unofficial snowfall reports ranging from around two to three inches across the area.

In St. Joseph at 4 a.m. snowfall was reported at 1.9 inches. Shortly before 6 a.m. a public report of 3.4 inches was made in St. Joseph.