Chillicothe Fire Department releases 2016 report

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Chillicothe Fire DepartmentThe Chillicothe Fire Department released its 2016 report on Tuesday showing thousands of calls for EMS or fire during the year.

According to the report, last year the fire department traveled a total of 177,450 miles. There were 2,605 total calls for EMS/Fire.

Total calls:

Carbon monoxide related calls 20

Rescue other than auto extrication 11

Customer service calls 144

Install new smoke detectors 80

Fire code/safety inspections 58

Spill leak/ hazmat no fire 06

Structure fires 24

Outside of structure fires 04

Tree/brush/grass 17

Smoke scare 07

Auto extrication/rescue 16

Automatic alarm system malfunction 24

Automobile fires 15

False alarms 04

Storm Watch 04

Mutual aide to others 05

Total miles traveled by CFD (177,450)

EMS calls 2166

That year a new cardiac monitor for transmission capabilities was acquired and it took delivery of a new ambulance paid for by the Livingston County Ambulance District. CLICK HERE to view the 2016 Chillicothe Fire Department Report