St. Joseph School District plans to address bullying legislation

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Feature Photo Main Enterance SJSDThe St. Joseph School District plans to issue a news release later today addressing an issue brought forward in a recent letter to the Board of Education.

Last night, Brian Cronk a St. Joseph resident and parent sent a letter to the Board of Education which he said is in reference to the district not being in compliance with a new state bullying law.

In his letter, Cronk said the required changes in RSMO 160.775 are substantial and intended to protect children.

“They were required to be in place and fully implemented by January 1, 2017 and the District had six months to prepare. Additional changes that take effect over the next 18 months are designed to reduce suicides (RSMO 170.048 by July 1, 2018) and mandate additional staff training (RSMO 170.047 beginning in the 2017-18 school year),” he said. “The SJSD is knowingly in violation of state law. You have each willfully neglected or refused to perform duties imposed on you by Chapter 160.”

CLICK HERE to read his letter in its entirety.

Cronk also provided us with a letter he sent to the Buchanan County Prosecutor’s Office stating he believes the district is in violation of the Sunshine Law as well as the new RSMO. CLICK HERE to read his letter.  We have left a message with the prosecutor’s office to try to find out if they are looking into the matter or can comment on the issue.  We are currently waiting to hear back.

Bridget Blevins, St. Joseph School District Dir. of Communications said she plans to issue a news release later in the day addressing the information provided to us which she said should make things more clear.  We are anticipating that release sometime around the noon hour.