Corrections Department shakeup includes changes at WRDCC in St. Joe

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Corrections Director Anne Precythe

Corrections Director
Anne Precythe

A leadership shakeup at the Missouri Department of Corrections includes changes at facilities in Northwest Missouri. Governor Eric Greitens and his new corrections director Anne Precythe have replaced a number of top administrators in the state’s central office, in addition to leadership changes in some of the state’s 21 prisons.

In a memo to DOC staff dated March 10 obtained by St. Joseph Post, Director Precythe outlined changes in Kansas City and St. Joseph. Most of the changes are at the Kansas City Reentry Center, but one top administrator has been transferred from KCRC to St. Joe.

Bryant Holmes will laterally transfer in April to the position of Assistant Warden at the Western Reception, Diagnostic, and Corrections Center in St. Joseph . Holmes has served as the Deputy Warden at KCRC since February 15, 2015.

Larry Denny, the former Warden at the Crossroads Correctional Center in Cameron, will come out of retirement to serve as Deputy Warden at KCRC.

Sonny Collins was selected to serve as the Warden at KCRC effective March 13. Collins most recent served as the Warden of the Maryville Treatment Center.

The memo also says former KCRC Warden Lilly Angelo became District Administrator at District 4B on March 13. Former Deputy Warden Leesa Wiseman became Unit Supervisor at District 4C on March 13.

The moves by Gov. Eric Greitens’ administration come amid a sexual harassment scandal that has cost state taxpayers millions of dollars in legal fees. Department of Corrections Director Anne Precythe’s first two months on the job have been dominated by reports of widespread sexual harassment of female prison guards. That’s resulted in millions of dollars in legal payouts by the state.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report)