Buchanan County prepares for Voter ID requirement

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vote-here-id-requiredBuchanan County has started to prepare for new voter photo identification requirements.

In November, two thirds of those voting in the general election decided Missourians will have to present a photo-ID to cast a ballot. Buchanan County Clerk, Mary Baack-Garvey said they are working to implement the new requirement. The measure goes into effect June 1, which means voters will be required to show an ID in an August election.

“Everybody needs to know they have to have photo ID to vote,” Baack-Garvey said. “I’ve got to assume nine out of 10 voters have got to have a driver’s license in their pocket. I think here in Buchanan County we’re going to be fine.”

If someone needs an ID, a driver’s license and supporting documentation, like a birth certificate would be paid for by the state. Those without photo ID could still vote if they sign a waiver and show a utility bill or paycheck.

“The state is really working hard to make sure that these people who do not have one, they’re able to get one,” Baack-Garvey said. “We will have flyers, phone numbers, websites. Anything that they would need to get their free ID.”

Baack-Garvey said the Clerk’s Office started preparing earlier this month.

“What we’re really going to train our judges to do, number one is saying, ‘Can I please see a form of photo ID.’ Instead of, ‘Can I see an ID,’” Baack-Garvey said. “We’re going to hopefully have flyers out, almost to hand out to every voter if they do not have a form. Those who already have a form of ID, they’re so used to showing their photo ID anyway.”

If someone doesn’t have a photo ID, Baack-Garvey said they will have to sign a provisional ballot.

“If you do not have one you’re still allowed to vote you just have to sign an extra form,” Baack-Garvey said. “Now with this new implementation of photo ID, if they have zero form of ID, not even a paycheck stub with their current address they would fall into the provisional ballot line.  So there’s two different provisional ballots that are going to be at polling places now.”

She said nothing will change for absentee voters.

Anyone with questions on the new requirement should call the Buchanan County Clerk’s Office at (816) 271-1412.