(Update) More area road closures due to flooding

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(Update) ST. JOSEPH, Mo. – The Missouri Department of Transportation said ground in northwest Missouri is saturated from the continued rainfall. Rivers and streams are full and with nowhere else to go, the accumulating water has collected on some highways, prompting their closure.

Situations can change quickly, especially during flooding. More roads could flood without warning. Motorists are reminded to stay alert and to not drive through any water over the roadway. It only takes six inches of water (or less!) to lose control of your vehicle and possibly be swept into rising floodwaters. Any time there is water over the roadway, there may be unseen damage to the road surface below. Do not drive through water over a roadway or around construction barricades. MoDOT encourages all motorists to Turn Around! Don’t Drown!

To keep up with the latest road closures for flooding, incidents and roadwork, the Missouri Department of Transportation provides a Traveler Information Map at www.modot.org.


DeKalb County

  • Route W northeast of Maysvillebetween Hedge Road and the east side of Lost Creek (East Fork Lost Creek)

Linn County

  • Route C east of Shelby between Route CC and Jaguar Drive (West Yellow Creek)

Livingston County

  • Route C west of Dawn between County Road 420 and Route DD (Shoal Creek)

Sullivan County

  • Route PP west of Milan between Berry Drive and Coach Drive (West Locust Creek)