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Welcome to the wonderful world of Tech Scoop! What is Tech Scoop? Tech Scoop is a new link on your favorite Eagle Post site with the latest in technology centric information! We will be covering the latest in technology, security, and how-to’s. Tech Scoop will be your first and only stop for the ever changing world known as technology. If Yahoo is subject to a security breach or a new strain of ransomware, we will be here reporting on the facts as they become available.

My name is Drew Purviance and I will be one of the writers taking to the World Wide Web to get what you need to know about the latest technology happenings. I am a Network Technician at Eagle Technology Solutions, I have an Associate’s degree in Internetworking and Computer Programming and am ready to help with anything in our articles that may possibly affect you.

I am excited to be here providing you with the latest news along with computer support. Eagle Technology Solutions has a well-versed staff that can help meet any of your IT needs, whether it is a question on how to do something or you are in need of a hardware upgrade or refresh. As an Eagle employee it is my goal to keep Our Community Connected, and I believe through your favorite Post site and our technology support we will be able to help keep everyone close and connected!