Coworking space to open in downtown St. Joseph

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A coworking space will be opening in downtown St. Joseph this week.

St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Patt Lilly said the coworking space offers an inexpensive opportunity for entrepreneurs or small businesses.

“You see some of these people today, they’re usually sitting at a Starbucks working on their computer but this gives them a more business environment, but we’ll still have the coffee, there will be copy machines that can be used, free wi-fi and so forth,” Lilly said. “This is a great opportunity for many of our young entrepreneurs and other people that are just starting business to have a space that is relatively inexpensive that they can do business out of and whether they’re working at their home now or struggling with maybe the cost of an office, this will be a great space. We’re a little late to the game as a community, but we’re excited about our new coworking space.”

CoJoe is located on the first floor of 518 Felix St.

According to a press release, the Chamber, along with a group of local entrepreneurs, small business owners and officials from Missouri Western State University’s Craig School of Business, the City of St. Joseph and Innovation Stockyard have been involved in CoJoe’s planning.

Space is offered for rent in a variety of ways such as table space in an open coworking space or private, furnished offices on a month-to-month or more long-term basis. A conference room also is available to rent by the hour or by the day for important meetings.

An opening reception at CoJoe will be held from 4 to 6 p.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 31.