Makers invited to apply for second annual Mini Maker Faire

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The second annual Mini Maker Faire in St. Joseph is searching for makers.

The Big Muddy Mini Maker Faire is described as part science fair, part county fair and part something new.

The Heartland Foundation is the presenting sponsor of the event on March 2nd.

“We had some exciting things going on last year, we had an outdoor human-sized hamster wheel that participants could participate in and at the same time run a blender to create drinks for them to consume,” Julie Gaddie, Heartland Foundation president said. “We had different kinds of energy creations where inventors had taken sound and energy together to create something unique. We had a lot of traditional woodworking and pottery but presented in a way that was really interactive for the participants so they could really get their hands in there and see what that’s really like.”

Gaddie said they are accepting applications from makers of all kinds to be a part of this year’s Faire.

“We look for makers who can provide an interactive, exciting experience for our participants and attendees to come and see what kind of creative work is going on across this entire region in the world of tinkering,” Gaddie said. “This is the space where we take what people are doing in a creative, traditional world – artists, potters – and we highlight those, but we also take it one step (further) and we match that with people who are working inside of energy, time, how to use electricity, how to create energy out of different components. We see what happens when those people work in the same space together and it’s electrifying, it’s an exciting experience that we’ve gotten a lot of great feedback on from our first time around.”

The Big Muddy Mini Maker Faire will take place from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, March 2nd, at the Restoration Natatorium in St. Joseph.

For more information, click here or call (816) 271-7571.