Upcoming fundraiser helps support Pivotal Point's mission

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Pivotal Point Transitional Housing is able to help local homeless individuals and families because of funding support from the community. 

Pivotal Point is an organization in St. Joseph that helps people move from homelessness to independent living through a 90-day program.

According to Pivotal Point Executive Director Melissa Frakes, their annual Fall Ball is their biggest fundraiser of the year.

“It is where we can really reach out to the community and give the community an opportunity to help us along,” Frakes said. “Just like we want to walk alongside our residents and to help them physically and spiritually, that’s what we need from the community and they always come through for us and we are so grateful. But we can’t do it without them walking alongside us and so the Fall Ball, which is called ‘Charting a New Course’ is a huge deal for us.” 

The Fall Ball will feature a speaker who is a former Pivotal Point resident. Frakes said she remembers when he first came to Pivotal Point.

“I remember his face. I remember how hopeless he seemed… and I will always remember his words – ‘This is my last chance. I don’t know what else to do, this is my last chance.’ I got to watch him move out just a few months ago and move to his own place. I got to see the car that he was able to purchase, I got to celebrate his becoming full time at Altec, I got to see a different face – and that face was full of hope and he’s going to share his story,” Frakes said.

The fundraising event will feature a 1965 Classic Mustang live auction, silent auction items and more.

The Fall Ball takes place at 6 p.m. on Thursday, September 26th, at the St. Joseph Civic Arena. For more information or tickets, visit, pivotalpointstjoseph.org.