Four changes proposed by Charter Review Committee will go to voters

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St. Joseph Post

Four changes proposed by the St. Joseph Charter Review Committee will be placed on a ballot for a vote by citizens. 

Committee Chair Jason Horn says one of the big changes that was a topic of much discussion regarded a district change. Horn says, currently, there are five district councilmembers and the committee proposed going from five to zero, meaning all members would be at-large.

“The reason being, we felt like we are one city, they don’t divide the money up by district and why not just let everybody vote for everybody,” Horn says. “The council, they feel like they wanted to have district representation, which, I understand that, some people like to have a district representative that they can contact or get a hold of.”

The change was modified by the St. Joseph City Council to go from five to four district councilmembers. The changes accepted at the work session will ultimately be placed on the ballot for a vote by citizens.

The other three proposed changes approved by the council regarded reducing the number of meetings councilmembers can miss, lowering the required age for retirement of a municipal judge and changing the fiscal year from running July 1st to June 30th to a calendar year.