5 Star Winners And Schedule

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5 Star Fireworks
St. Joseph (Schneitter Fireworks)
Surrounding Area (Benson Fireworks)

5 Star Frozen Treats
St. Joseph (Cabana)
Surrounding Area (Dairy Queen In Savannah)

5 Star Golf Courses
St. Joseph (The Golf Club Of St. Joe)
Surrounding Area (Duncan Hills In Savannah)

5 Star Animal Care (Veterinary Clinic, Pet Grooming, Pet Boarding, Animal Supply Store)
St. Joseph Veterinary Clinic (Animal Tales)
St. Joseph Pet Grooming (Puppy Love Dog Salon)
St. Joseph Pet Boarding (Puppy Love Dog Salon)
St. Joseph Animal Supply Store (Upco Wholesale Animal Supply)
Surrounding Area Veterinary Clinic (tie – M’Shoogy’s in Savannah and Brown County Animal Clinic in Hiawatha)
Surrounding Area Pet Grooming (NEK Veterinary Services in Hiawatha)
Surrounding Area Pet Boarding (South Paws Veterinarian Clinic in Maryville)
Surrounding Area Animal Supply Store (Orscheln Farm & Home in Maryville)

5 Star Beauty (Hair Salon, Tanning, Nail Salon, Beauty Store, Tattoo)
St. Joseph Hair Salon (Beautyfirst)
St. Joseph Tanning (Fun Tan)
St. Joseph Nail Salon (Beautyfirst)
St. Joseph Beauty Store (Beautyfirst)
St. Joseph Tattoo (Independent Tattoo Co)
Surrounding Area Hair Salon (Tangles in Savannah)
Surrounding Area Tanning (Riviera Tan Beauty in Cameron)
Surrounding Area Nail Salon (Euphoria Nail & Spa in Maryville)

5 Star Health (Chiropractor, Rehabilitation, Pharmacy, Optical, Hearing & Audiology, Dentist)
St. Joseph Chiropractor (Activate Your Health)
St. Joseph Rehabilitation (SERC Physical Therapy)
St. Joseph Pharmacy (Hy-Vee)
St. Joseph Optical (Murphy Watson Burr Eye Center)
St. Joseph Hearing & Audiology (Libel Hearing Aid Centers)
St. Joseph Dentist (Dr. Frizzo)
Surrounding Area Chiropractor (Atchison Chiropractic Center in Atchison)
Surrounding Area Rehabilitation (SSM Health in Maryville)
Surrounding Area Pharmacy (Savannah Family Pharmacy in Savannah)
Surrounding Area Optical (Murphy Watson Burr Eye Center in Cameron)
Surrounding Area Hearing & Audiology (Horizon Hearing Services in Maryville)
Surrounding Area Dentist (Wright Ronald G DDS in Hiawatha)

5 star Automotive (New, Pre-Owned, Maintenance, Body Shop, Tires, Oil Change)
St. Joseph New Dealer (Anderson Ford Lincoln)
St. Joseph Pre-Owned Dealer (Couch Motors LLC)
St. Joseph Maintenance (Parker’s Auto Repair)
St. Joseph Body Shop (Collision Repair Specialists)
St. Joseph Tires (Discount Tire)
St. Joseph Oil Change (Valvoline Express Care)
Surrounding Area New Dealer (Victory Chevrolet)
Surrounding Area Pre-Owned Dealer (Victory Chevrolet)
Surrounding Area Maintenance (Hank’s Auto Center in Savannah)
Surrounding Area Body Shop (Strong’s Collision Repair in Savannah)
Surrounding Area Tires (Riley Tire Service in Oregon)
Surrounding Area Oil Change (Victory Chevrolet)

5 star Seasonal (Lawn Care, Nurseries/Garden Center, Orchards/Pumpkin Patch, Halloween Necessities)
St. Joseph Lawn Care/Landscaping (Mann’s Lawn and Landscape)
St. Joseph Nurseries/Garden Center (Earl May)
St. Joseph Orchard/Pumpkin Patch (Schweizer Orchards)
St. Joseph Halloween Necessities (Spirit Halloween)
Surrounding Area Lawn Care/Landscaping (Hendrix Lawn Care in Maryville)
Surrounding Area Nurseries/Garden Center (Grimm’s Gardens in Hiawatha)
Surrounding Area Orchard/Pumpkin Patch (Weston Red Barn Farm in Weston)
Surrounding Area Halloween Necessities (Spirit Halloween in Leavenworth)

5 star Grocery Store
St. Joseph (HyVee)
Surrounding Area (Brothers Market in Savannah)

5 star Jewelry
St. Joseph (Kristen’s Coin & Jewelry)
Surrounding Area(Creviston & Son Jewelry in Maryville)

5 star Wineries
Surrounding Area (Windy Wine Company in Osborn)

5 star Liquor Store
St. Joseph (HyVee Wine & Spirits)
Surrounding Area (Perry’s Liquor & Tobacco in Rock Port)

5 star Restaurants (Chicken, Pizza, Burger, Tenderloin, Steak, Seafood, Buffet, Breakfast, Sandwich Shop, BBQ, Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Donuts, Coffee/Tea Shop)
St. Joseph Chicken (Galvin’s Dinner House)
St. Joseph Pizza (Gambino’s Pizza)
St. Joseph Burger (Five Guys)
St. Joseph Tenderloin (Pappy’s Grill & Pub)
St. Joseph Steak (Texas Roadhouse)
St. Joseph Seafood (Red Lobster)
St. Joseph Buffet (Golden Corral)
St. Joseph Breakfast (Waffle House)
St. Joseph Sandwich Shop (McAlister’s Deli)
St. Joseph BBQ (Bandana’s Bar-B-Q)
St. Joseph Italian (Olive Garden)
St. Joseph Mexican (Barbosa’s Castillo)
St. Joseph Chinese/Japanese (Panda Express)
St. Joseph Donuts (Big Sky Donuts)
St. Joseph Coffee/Tea Shop (Caribou Coffee)
Surrounding Area Chicken (Cedar Ridge Restaurant in Atchison)
Surrounding Area Pizza (Pizza Hut in Hiawatha)
Surrounding Area Burger (J. Howard’s Cafe and Catering in Savannah)
Surrounding Area Tenderloin (Forest City Diner in Forest City)
Surrounding Area Steak (A & G in Maryville)
Surrounding Area Buffet (Pete’s Steakhouse in Atchison)
Surrounding Area Breakfast (Gray’s Restaurant in Maryville)
Surrounding Area Sandwich Shop (Paolucci Restaurant, Deli & Lounge in Atchison)
Surrounding Area BBQ (B&B Barbeque in Albany)
Surrounding Area Mexican (Senor Barrigas in Savannah)
Surrounding Area Chinese (Great China Buffet in Falls City)
Surrounding Area Donuts (Sweet Al’s Donut Shoppe in Cameron)
Surrounding Area Coffee/Tea Shop (Scooter’s Coffee in Maryville)

5 Star Home Improvement & Hardware
St. Joseph (Menards)
Surrounding Area (Westlake Ace Hardware in Maryville)

5 Star Farm Supply & Machinery
St. Joseph (Orscheln Farm & Home)
Surrounding Area (Derr Equipment in Savannah)

5 Star Furniture Store
St. Joseph (Sav-On Furniture Mart)
Surrounding Area (Hineline Home Furnishings in Maryville, MO)

5 Star Gun & Ammo Dealer
St. Joseph (Lock Stock and Barrel)
Surrounding Area (GM Firearms and Gun Smithing in Wathena, KS)

5 Star C Store
St. Joseph (HyVee)

5 Star Wedding (Florist, Event Space, Photographer)
St. Joseph Wedding Business Event Space (Timber Creek Event Center)
St. Joseph Wedding Business Photographer (Lifeshots Photography)
St. Joseph Wedding Business Florist (Butchart Flowers Inc & Greenhouse)

5 Star Sweet Treats
St. Joseph (Cabana Grill)
Surrounding Area (Dairy Queen in Savannah, MO)

5 Star Bank Or Credit Union
St. Joseph (Goetz Credit Union)
Surrounding Area (Nodaway Valley Bank in Savannah, MO)