20 Songs Turning 20

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Time flies! 20 songs that are 20 years old this year

1.  “Smooth Criminal”,  Alien Ant Farm


2.  “Rollin'”,  Limp Bizkit


3.  “Because I Got High”,  Afroman


4.  “It Wasn’t Me”,  Shaggy


5.  “Bootylicious”, and “Survivor”,  Destiny’s Child


6.  “I’m Like a Bird”,  Nelly Furtado


7.  “Get Ur Freak On”,  Missy Elliott


8.  “Ride Wit Me”,  Nelly


9.  “Thank You”,  Dido


10.  “I’m a Slave 4 U”,  Britney Spears


11.  “Stuck in a Moment You Can’t Get Out Of”,  U2


12.  “Ms. Jackson”,  Outkast


13.  “Hit Em Up Style (Oops)”,  Blu Cantrell


14.  “You Make Me Sick”,  Pink


15.  “Clint Eastwood”,  Gorillaz


16.  “U Remind Me”,  Usher


17.  “In the End”,  Linkin Park


18.  “Fallin'”,  Alicia Keys


19.  “Let Me Blow Ya Mind”,  Eve featuring Gwen Stefani


20.  “What It Feels Like for a Girl”,  Madonna