Fall Activities

Google Trends looked at some of the top autumn activities Americans are googling right now.

Here are a few that are trending . . .

1.  “Fall rock painting ideas.”  Meaning things to paint on decorative rocks.  Google searches for it are up 350% in the past week.



2.  “Corn maze near me.”  It’s seen a big bump in the past month.



3.  “Easy pumpkin carving.”  No matter how complicated it is, just don’t jump the gun.  Those jack-o-lanterns probably won’t last more than a week.



4.  “Apple picking near me 2021.”



5.  “Haunted hay ride near me.”  Also, searches for “haunted houses near me” are up 850% this month.



6.  “Fall color map.”  Meaning a map that shows when and where to see the leaves change.

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