Helping Friends

Things we would or wouldn’t ask friends to do for us . . .

1.  Would you ask a friend to help move furniture?  54% say yes.  76% also think it’s fine to ask for help with smaller stuff, like boxes.



2.  Would you ask for help painting your whole apartment?  32% think it’s fine.



3.  How about help deep-cleaning your apartment before you move out?  Only 10% think it’s okay to ask.



4.  Can you ask a friend to pick you up at the airport?  Even though we have Uber now, 80% say yes.



5.  Is it okay to borrow a small amount of money from a friend?  33% say yes.  But it drops to just 3% for a large amount of money.



6.  Is it okay to ask a friend to make a fake dating profile, and message your significant other to see if they’d flirt?  21% say yes.

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