In The Know

Home Alone Airbnb

You can stay in the house from “Home Alone” and live like a McCallister thanks to a listing from Airbnb. But here’s the catch . . . only one night is being offered. On the plus side, it’s only 25

Missing Packages

This is bad news if you’re missing a package. The recent discovery of hundreds of packages in a wooded area of Hayden, Alabama, has led authorities to question a FedEx drive. As many as 400 packages were

14 Seconds

In a new survey, the average person says they take just 14 seconds to decide if they like a Christmas gift . . . and whether it will be kept, returned, or re-gifted. 60% of the people

Grammy Nominations

Watch the Grammys January 31st on CBS. The Grammy Nominees Album of the Year:   “We Are”,  Jon Batiste “Love for Sale”,  Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga “Justice (Triple Chucks Deluxe)”,  Justin Bieber “Planet Her (Deluxe)”,  Doja Cat “Happier Than Ever”,  Billie Eilish “Back

DWTS Money

Last night, NBA star IMAN SHUMPERT became your new “Dancing with the Stars” champion. So how much did he make? Apparently, going all the way nets you around $295,000. But even if you stink, you still make out okay. Contestants earn

Dating Survey

Is this fun and clever, or just weird?  A 26-year-old in Canada named Katrina Froese went on a first date with a guy last month. And before they went out, he sent her a survey to make

Celebrity Holiday Party

If you could attend a celebrity’s holiday party, whose would it be? Samsonite . . . you know, the luggage company . . . surveyed a little over 2,000 people to see who’d they choose. 73% of

Worst Passwords

Every year, a company called NordPass goes through all the lists of hacked passwords that get leaked on the internet, to figure out the most common, easy, and hackable ones that people are still using. Once again,

Netflix Top 10

Netflix has released a list of its most popular TV shows and movies of all time by the amount of hours they were viewed. Here are their top shows: 1.  “Squid Game” . . . 1.6 billion.   2.  “Bridgerton” .