In The Know

March Shopping

Here are six things that always go on sale in March 1.  TVs.  Manufacturers are getting ready to release new models.  So it’s the second-best month of the year to buy a TV.  November is first.  

Dating Reimbursement

A woman named Alex Coboth from Milwaukee, Wisconsin just tweeted a screenshot of the texts a guy sent her when she ended things after three dates. “It’s only fair to ask for equal payment from you from

Mac & Cheese Popcorn

Act II is going to release Mac & Cheese Popcorn. Instagram accounts @junkpickers and @junkfoodmom recently posted pictures of the new microwavable popcorn. We are still waiting to hear when this new product will be on store shelves

Gaga Offers 500K

Lady Gaga’s dog walker was shot Wednesday night and thieves stole her 2 French Bulldogs. Gaga is reportedly offering a 500K reward for the dogs return. More of the story here    

Frasier Reboot

A Frasier reboot is happening at Paramount Plus. Original series star Kelsey Grammer will return in the title role in addition to executive producing. More of the story here 

Check Engine Light

According to a new survey, people will drive around for an average of nine days with the check engine light on before they actually take their car in to the shop. The survey also found almost half

Messy Car

One-third of people say their cars are so full of junk, there’s really not any room for passengers according to a new survey. The survey also found 19% of people haven’t cleaned their car in the past

YouTube Copying TikTok?

YouTube is gearing up to bring a beta version of it’s TikTok rival, YouTube Shorts, to the U.S. The short-form video platform will be rolling out in early March, and it will allow users to record, edit,