In The Know

Top Baby Names

A baby name website has just put out a list of names that they think will be popular in 2023… 1.  Alden . . . “It feels charming, understated, old-school, a little bit woodsy.”   2.  Archie

Christmas Lights

A new survey measured the time spent behind the scenes, and found that, on average, people spend 34 hours of their lives untangling holiday lights. Here are some other results: We spend more than 2 days of

Battery Powered Shoes

A tech startup in Pittsburgh called Shift Robotics is trending thanks to their new battery powered shoes that make you walk up to 250% faster. They’re called Shift Moonwalkers and kind of look like roller skates.  But

Rihanna Super Bowl Halftime

Rihanna will headline the 57th Super Bowl Halftime Show on February 12th in Arizona. She confirmed the news with a photo on Instagram of her hand holding a football. There were previous rumors about Taylor Swift being the headliner.  She was

Outdated Fashion Rules

Lifehacker has five outdated fashion rules you can ignore . . . 1.  No denim-on-denim.  Like a jean jacket with jeans on . . . a.k.a., the Canadian Tuxedo. Lots of people do it now, so it’s not

Painless Tattoos

Tattoos used to be a sign you were anti-establishment . . . maybe a little impulsive . . . and definitely tough, because those suckers hurt. But maybe not for long, a team at Georgia Tech just

Teen Dream Job

America needs more plumbers and electricians. But in ten years, we might all be sitting on broken toilets in the dark while complaining about it on our YouTube channels . . . An annual survey looked at