In The Know

Valentines Spending

According to an annual survey by the National Retail Federation, the average American expects to spend $192.80 on Valentine’s Day this year. That’s up from an average of $175 last year . . . but down from $196

Helping Friends

Things we would or wouldn’t ask friends to do for us . . . 1.  Would you ask a friend to help move furniture?  54% say yes.  76% also think it’s fine to ask for help with smaller

Bad Brunch

Someone did a round-up of the worst foods to order at brunch, according to chefs. Here are the top six, and why they’re all things you might want to avoid… 1.  Anything you could easily make at home. 

10 Turn-Offs

Two-thirds of single people say they’ve dumped someone over a highly specific turn-off. So, one thing that turns them from a “10” to a “2”. Here are the top ten deal-breakers we’d dump someone over… 1.  Body

Teen Dream Job

America needs more plumbers and electricians. But in ten years, we might all be sitting on broken toilets in the dark while complaining about it on our YouTube channels . . . An annual survey looked at