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Poison Ivy Vaccine

If you’ve ever suffered after coming into contact with poison ivy you know how miserable it can be. Now Scientific American (SA) reports that U.S.-based scientists are reportedly working on a vaccine to combat humans’ responses to

96 Times A Day

The tech company Asurion says Americans check their phones 96 times a day, which is about once every 10 minutes you’re awake. That’s up 20% from a similar poll in 2017. But it might not be a


If you overshare on dates you’re not alone. Psychology experts say you might be oversharing due to self-control depletion, which happens when you expend your mental resources managing one behavior, which leaves you with less willpower to

Time 100 Most Influential

“Time” released their annual list of influential people yesterday.  The “Time 100: Most Influential People of 2021” list is separated into six categories: Icons . . . Pioneers . . . Titans . . . Artists . . . Leaders

“The One”

Couples say they realized things were getting serious when they met each other’s parents. But couples surveyed were way more specific, as you’ll see with today’s list of signs your partner is the one…. She gets why

VMA Winners

The MTV VMA’s were last night and here are the big winners…. VIDEO OF THE YEAR and BEST VISUAL EFFECTS Lil Nas X “Montero Call Me By Your Name” ARTIST OF THE YEAR Justin Bieber SONG OF

90s Favorites

People were asked to name the best things about the ’90s, and the show “Friends” took the top spot. Here are the highlights . . . 1.  Other TV shows also made the top 50:  “The Simpsons” . .

Triple Screened

A new poll on phone usage found 40% of us are worried we’re addicted to our phone now. For young people, it’s 72%. Here’s another interesting stat:  30% of people admitted they’ve “triple screened” at least once in

September Events

Here are five things to look forward to in September . . . 1.  In sports:  Tennis fans have the U.S. Open through September 12th.  And the new NFL season starts in about a week.  There’s also lots of college football this month. 

Grilled Cheese Burger

Sonic has a new Grilled Cheese Burger on the menu. The dish begins with the brand’s signature grilled cheese sandwich on Texas Toast, with a seasoned beef patty, mustard, ketchup, and diced onions stuffed in the middle.