In The Know

No Parties

If you were going to rent out an Airbnb to host a party this summer, you’ll want to make other plans. Because they just permanently banned parties worldwide. They added a temporary party ban after the pandemic

First & Last Date

There’s a new poll online on first date deal-breakers . . . and it asks if any of them are bad enough to immediately eliminate the chance of a second date…. 81% of people said it’s the

Most Fun States

An annual study ranked all 50 states by how fun they are . . . based on the amount of stuff to do. The 10 most fun states are:  California . . . Florida . . . Nevada .

Velveeta Nail Polish

Velveeta has launched a new cheese-scented nail polish. So there’s finally a way for a woman to make it look and smell like she just made some macaroni and cheese, and hasn’t washed her hands. It’s called

Mariah Carey Sued

A guy who released a song called “All I Want for Christmas Is You” five years before MARIAH CAREY is suing her for $20 million. There’s nothing similar about the songs, though, so it’s not clear if he’s got a case. His

Best Friends

“The New York Times” just did a story about friendships and how many people you really need in your life. And there’s a fun stat near the end of it: A study in 2018 found it takes an

Wedding Changes

There’s a list going viral of things that people think should be retired from weddings. And not surprisingly, it’s pretty controversial. Here are a few of the better ones . . .   1.  “Clinking silverware on

Sharing A Toothbrush

On “The View” yesterday, it was revealed that Sarah Silverman and her live-in boyfriend share a toothbrush. Joy Behar called it “disgusting,” and Sunny Hostin said it “befuddled” her. What do you think? Gross or why not?

Baby Name Trick

Someone posted an idea on a mommy blog for testing out baby names to see how people react. And it might be brilliant. If you’re worried that a name you like is too weird, use it the

Mother’s Day Nap

If you’re still stumped on what to give mom for Mother’s Day . . . don’t overthink it. Being a mom is a tough job, and you can’t just “clock-out.” The website surveyed over 1,000 moms with