In The Know

Most Fun States just ranked all 50 states from the “most fun” places to visit to the least fun. The rankings are based on 26 different categories, including the weather . . . the number of attractions, fairs, state

Bucket List Vacations

According to a new survey, Americans don’t want to ease into traveling after the pandemic. 59% of people say they plan to jump back into travel with a “bucket list” vacation they wouldn’t have considered before the

Stiletto Crocs

Balenciaga is going to start selling stiletto Crocs. They debuted at a virtual fashion show online the other day.  And yes . . . they’re more or less just regular Crocs with a massive high-heel on the

Bad Houseguests

Someone asked people to name the worst things a houseguest can do.  Here are the top ten . . .   1.  Wiping their greasy hands on your sofa.   2.  Putting their feet on the couch

Golf GPS

This is not how you play golf. The Newton Police Department in Massachusetts says officers were called to the sixth hole of the Brae Burn Country golf course on June 2nd to a report of an SUV

Who Do You Trust?

According to a recent study, the average adult trusts just 7 people.  And 40% say the pandemic has actually helped reveal who’s trustworthy and who isn’t.  More than eight out of 10 people think they themselves are trustworthy

Google Photos

Google Photos is ending its free unlimited storage on June 1st. From then on, any photo you upload counts toward your Google Drive storage limit unless it comes from a Pixel phone. Users who need more space

Rude States

Are people ruder in certain parts of the country? Well, someone tried to figure it out by looking at three different categories of rudeness. They went through different polls and studies on how often people swear on


A Zillennial is anyone born three years before the end of Millennials and / or three years after the start of Generation Z.  That’s roughly 1992 to 1998. They don’t feel like they fully fit in with