In The Know

Embarrassing Dates

Almost half of us have had something humiliating happen on a date, according to a recent poll.  Here are the ten most embarrassing things that happen regularly . . . 1.  Awkward silences.   2.  Forgetting the person’s

Treat Yourself

A recent survey found the average person feels the need to treat themselves two to three times a week. 15% said five times a week.  Here are the top ten situations when we’re most likely to treat

Best Karaoke Song

The Karaoke company Singing Machine just released a list of the 20 most popular Karaoke songs, based on tracks selected by its users….. 1.  “Let It Go”,  from the “Frozen” soundtrack   2.  “Dance Monkey”,  Tones and I   3.  “Old Town Road”,  Lil

Mother’s Day Gifts

Someone polled over 2,000 moms and asked them what they’d actually enjoy getting as a gift.  Here are the top ten . . . 1.  A card.  43% of moms said they’d love to get one.  

Bad TV Shows

Stacker analyzed IMDB data on the lowest-rated TV shows of all time and ranked the #1 worst for each year. Find out what show was terrible the year you were born


A new survey asked adults how often they skip breakfast and one in four people say they skip it at least four times a week. The main reasons people skip breakfast are:  They don’t have time .

Musicians As Stocks

A stock market trading company decided to have a little fun by creating theoretical stock prices for musicians, based on how much they think their “brand” would be worth on the market. To come up with each

May Preview

Tomorrow is a new month! 1.  A ton of sporting events are going down, including the Kentucky Derby tomorrow . . . the NBA Playoffs, which are scheduled to begin May 22nd  . . . the NHL’s

Toothpaste Technology

Your days of getting your money’s worth out of your toothpaste tube could be coming soon. LiquiGlide, a chemical manufacturing company based in Massachusetts, has partnered up with Colgate to create a non-toxic, non-stick coating that can

Baby Name Mistake

Imagine choosing the perfect name for your child only to have someone at the hospital make a spelling mistake. Kelsey Tate is from Seattle, Washington, and says she intended to name her new baby Kora, but an