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Scariest Movies

An updated list of the scariest movies . . . according to science . . . is here. 250 victims wore heart monitors to watch 40 different scary movies, both new and classic. These are the Top

Super Bowl Halftime

Super Bowl Half-Time Show lineup is here.  It’ll include Dr. Dre, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, and Mary J. Blige. Super Bowl 56 is February 13th at the new SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California. The show also serves as a bit of

Bad Hotel

Have you ever checked into a hotel, and your room was so gross that you immediately checked out? We’re even more demanding now because of covid. Half of people say they’ve put off travelling due to cleanliness

Halloween Costumes

Goodwill’s annual Halloween survey just came out. These next few weeks are always their busiest time of year, because so many people shop for costumes there. Here are a few stats on Halloween plans and what people

Are You a 10?

Someone asked people to name things that can immediately drop someone from a “10” way down to a “5.” 1.  Arrogance.  You could be the hottest person in the world and still be unattractive if you’re arrogant

Dream Job

43% of Americans in a new survey claim they’re currently doing one of the “dream jobs” they had as a kid. The average person was seven years old the first time they knew what their “dream job”

Poison Ivy Vaccine

If you’ve ever suffered after coming into contact with poison ivy you know how miserable it can be. Now Scientific American (SA) reports that U.S.-based scientists are reportedly working on a vaccine to combat humans’ responses to

96 Times A Day

The tech company Asurion says Americans check their phones 96 times a day, which is about once every 10 minutes you’re awake. That’s up 20% from a similar poll in 2017. But it might not be a


If you overshare on dates you’re not alone. Psychology experts say you might be oversharing due to self-control depletion, which happens when you expend your mental resources managing one behavior, which leaves you with less willpower to

Time 100 Most Influential

“Time” released their annual list of influential people yesterday.  The “Time 100: Most Influential People of 2021” list is separated into six categories: Icons . . . Pioneers . . . Titans . . . Artists . . . Leaders