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Life Change For Pet

71% of pet owners say they’ve made a significant life change for their pet. The most common change we make is a tie between moving into a bigger place, and become more active. For example, walking or

Oscars Slap

During the “Oscars” last night, WILL SMITH slapped CHRIS ROCK across the face for making a joke about JADA PINKETT’s shaved head. Will later apologized to the Academy after winning Best Actor, but he didn’t apologize to Chris. The LAPD says Chris declined to press

Vacation Sacrifice

Someone polled a bunch of people and asked if they’d give up specific things for six months to go on a trip. How many of these five things would you sacrifice? 1.  No concerts for six months? 

Pop The Question

A new study looked into an emerging relationship trend: Three in four men now say it would be totally fine with them if their girlfriend got down on one knee and proposed. 57% of women say they’d be

Secret Hate

What’s something you secretly hate about your significant other, but you’d never tell them? Someone asked people on Reddit. Here are a few of the more interesting answers we saw . . . 1.  A guy’s wife

Spring Cleaning

If you haven’t started your spring cleaning yet, don’t worry . . . it’s not spring yet. You’ve got a few more days until that timer officially starts ticking.  But do you know what you plan to

37 New Emojis

A new batch of emojis are hitting iPhones next week. And some of them seem a little more useful than others. For example, the world apparently needed a kidney beans emoji?? The update also includes a melting face

50K Baby

You have to make sacrifices when you have kids. And a lot of it tends to fall on the woman, especially when both people are working. So what do you think about this? Some guy posted on


There is a new game that’s like Wordle, but for music lovers . . . and it’s called Heardle. Instead of guessing words, you guess song titles based on small snippets. Only the intro of the song will

Engaged To A Ghost

This isn’t something you hear of every day. A woman from the UK claims she is in a relationship with the spirit of a Victorian soldier. Singer-songwriter Brocarde, age 38, says she met and fell in love