In The Know

First Date Prank

Stephen Durand, 38, was meeting a woman for a romantic first date at a steak restaurant in the UK. Durand  told his friend about the future date, so his buddy called the restaurant pretending to be Durand.  “Durand”

Facebook Cross Platform Messaging

Facebook is rolling out cross platform messaging.  Users will be able to communicate with each other across Messenger and Instagram. It’ll even work if Instagram users don’t have FB accounts and vice versa.  Even more features coming

Pumpkin Spice Mac & Cheese

It’s officially pumpkin spice season, but is this going too far?  “Pumpkin Spice” mac and cheese was originally only available in Canada in a limited supply.  A Twitter poll by Kraft however showed that 52% of voters

Happiest States Ranked

Wallethub did a new study to find out which state is the happiest.  32 factors were considered to find the results.  Missouri comes in 40th and Kansas is 33rd.  Check out the top 10 below The top

It’s National Coffee Day

Mmmmmmm coffee!  Check out some of the great deals below for National Coffee Day Dunkin’: Get a free medium hot or iced coffee (with any purchase) at Dunkin’ restaurants on Tuesday.   Krispy Kreme: One free cup of