In The Know

DWTS Renewed

“Dancing With the Stars” is waltzing its way back onto our screens yet again, with ABC picking up the reality competition series for a milestone 30th season.  Host Tyra Banks will return, more of the story here 

Motivation To Exercise

A new survey asked people to share everything that motivates them to exercise, and here are some of the less popular but totally valid reasons . . . 1.  I have a school reunion coming up.  

Going To Bed Angry

You know the old cliché, “Never go to bed angry?”  It’s not just something your great aunt once embroidered on a pillow.  It turns out there’s some actual scientific evidence behind it. A new study at Oregon

Peeps Pepsi

Peeps has partnered with Pepsi to create Marshmallow Cola, which comes in a three-pack of cute little 7.5-oz. cans. Sadly, these won’t be available on grocery store shelves this year, but fans can enter the sweepstakes to

Annoying Coworkers

92% of us have at least one coworker we find annoying. Here are the 10 most annoying behaviors . . . 1.  They’re too loud.  Over 85% said loud coworkers are annoying.   2.  They gossip.  

Katy Perry Vegas Residency

According to Billboard, the residency will take place at the new Resorts World casino in Las Vegas, which contains a 5,000-seat venue. Shows are expected to start later this year and run through 2022. Does she open

Social Etiquette Rules

Would your mom be proud of anything you did today?  If not, you might want to raise your social etiquette game.  Here are six rules everyone should follow . . . 1.  Say “please” and “thank you.”

Kardashian Net Worth

New report shows how much each Kardashian is worth…. Kylie Jenner:  $900 million.   Kim Kardashian:  $750 million.   Kris Jenner:  $190 million.   Caitlyn Jenner:  $100 million.   Khloe Kardashian:  $50 million.   Kourtney Kardashian:  $45