In The Know

Celebs First Paycheck

Here’s what various celebs splurged on when they finally started making big bucks…. 1.  America Ferrera:  A used 2000 Mitsubishi Mirage for $12,000.     2.  Donald Glover:  Gushers.  Quote, “I wasn’t allowed to have candy as a kid,

“2-2-2” Rule

I don’t know if this is the key to a happy marriage or not, but it’s simple enough to remember. Reddit has been talking about something called the “2-2-2” rule for a while. It’s supposed to help

Bridal Party Trends

Buzzfeed conducted a poll on current bridal party trends . . . asking people if these trends are “tacky . . . tasteful . . . or totally fine.”  The results are in, and here they are,

Bad Habits

Britain’s “Sun” tabloid collected 12 “bad habits,” and then listed a potential benefit to that behavior, based on some random scientific research. Here they are . . . but keep in mind, this is just for fun. Despite

Sour Patch 911

A 37-year-old guy near St. Petersburg, Florida called 911 Saturday night and asked them to bring his girlfriend some candy . . . specifically Sour Patch Kids. Cops showed up to his place and described him as

Inappropriate Work Clothes

A new poll found 57% of us think traditional office clothes will eventually be phased out, and 23% think it’s already happening. Certain things are still seen as too casual for work though. 2,000 people were asked

Get A Life

You might not recognize the name Martin Cooper, but you spend hours a day worshipping one of his creations. Martin is 92 years old now, but about 50 years ago, he invented the world’s first cellphone.  It

Teen Dream Job

America needs more plumbers and electricians. But in ten years, we might all be sitting on broken toilets in the dark while complaining about it on our YouTube channels . . . An annual survey looked at