In The Know

Sorry Marquee

The entire staff of a Burger King in Lincoln, Nebraska walked out, and they announced it on the restaurant’s marquee, saying, quote, “We all quit.  Sorry for the inconvenience.” The employees say it was justified, because they were

Wedding Traditions

2020 was a very un-traditional year for weddings.  So is now the time to change other stuff about them?  Someone polled people who’ve been married, and asked if we should keep doing these ten traditional wedding things….

Parenting Now vs Then

Are you a more laid-back parent than your own parents were?  Someone talked to 1,000 people with kids under 16, and 1,000 parents with children over 30.  Here are the top five old-school parenting rules we used

TikTok Expands

TikTok is ditching it’s 60-second limit.  The social media company says it will start rolling out updates in the coming weeks that will allow users to make three-minute videos in order to pave the way “for richer

“The Exorcist” Sequel

If you liked the 2018 “Halloween” sequel, you’ll probably want to check this out, too:  The same people are making a sequel to “The Exorcist”. Like “Halloween”, it’ll be directed by David Gordon Green, and produced by Blumhouse Productions, which is run

4 Day Work Week

A new survey asked 13,000 Americans if we should ditch the five-day workweek . . . and do four days a week with ten-hour days instead. 66% of Americans said yes, they’d prefer it that way. Only

Fireworks Shortage?

If you’re hoping to get some fireworks to set off in your backyard for the Fourth of July, you might be out of luck. Families tell Fox News they’ve started buying them as soon as they see