In The Know

Worst Passwords

Every year, a company called NordPass goes through all the lists of hacked passwords that get leaked on the internet, to figure out the most common, easy, and hackable ones that people are still using. Once again,

Netflix Top 10

Netflix has released a list of its most popular TV shows and movies of all time by the amount of hours they were viewed. Here are their top shows: 1.  “Squid Game” . . . 1.6 billion.   2.  “Bridgerton” .

Santa’s List

26% of Americans say they’ve been naughty . . . but most still expect to get gifts anyway. 74% of Americans say they’ll buy themselves at least one gift this year. 76% say they’re the best gift

Slang Terms

A new study looked at the most popular slang terms in 2021. Meaning words kid use, but they’re widespread enough that their parents could use them in a sentence too. So, if you know what they mean,

Banned Elf

“The Elf on the Shelf” has been a welcome tradition for a lot of families throughout the past decade or so. But apparently, the elves’ movements have become a burden for some parents. So a judge in


A survey of 1,500 American workers looked at the top reasons we feel exhausted on any given day. Here are the top ten . . . 1.  General stress.  Over 60% of people said it’s a main

Night Snacks

According to a new survey, 79% of Americans say their cravings for snacks increase when it gets dark earlier. Nine out of ten of us snack between dinner and going to bed. Here are the five foods

Overpaid Jobs

A Reddit thread on the most “overpaid jobs” is going viral.. . . 1.  Famous actors.  Millions of dollars for a few weeks of work is pretty nuts.   2.  Professional athletes.   3.  College football coaches.

New Hairstyle

Anyone out there still rockin’ the same hairdo they had 10 years ago? We’re not judging. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. And you’re definitely not alone. A new poll found 1 in 4 women haven’t

Snooze Button

How many times did you hit snooze this morning?  40% of people in a new poll claim they never do it, and another 20% don’t use an alarm. 13% said they usually hit snooze once . .