In The Know

Pettiest Rejection

Someone asked people online for the pettiest reason they’ve rejected someone, and the highlights include . . .   1.  She had the same name as my mom.   2.  He held his knife like a pen.

First Birthday

The average price parents shell out on their baby’s 1st birthday party is . . . $293. For comparison, the average Sweet Sixteen costs $280 . . . while parents spend $229 on 10th birthday parties and

Another Singing Show

Fox is coming out with a new singing competition show this fall.  It’s called “Alter Ego” and it’ll air after “The Masked Singer” on Wednesdays.  ALANIS MORISSETTE, WILL.I.AM, NICK LACHEY, and GRIMES will be judges. ROCSI DIAZ from BET’s “106 & Park” will be the host and

Song Samples

You might be surprised to learn that some of your favorite songs on the radio sample from others.  Here is a list . . .   1.  “Stronger”,  Kanye West:  Sampled “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” by Daft Punk.     2.  “Look What

Back To School Trend

According to a new survey, kids are raiding their parents’ closets for clothes. Three in four kids between the ages of 5 and 18 say they think their parent’s sense of style as a teenager was actually

Sorry Marquee

The entire staff of a Burger King in Lincoln, Nebraska walked out, and they announced it on the restaurant’s marquee, saying, quote, “We all quit.  Sorry for the inconvenience.” The employees say it was justified, because they were

Wedding Traditions

2020 was a very un-traditional year for weddings.  So is now the time to change other stuff about them?  Someone polled people who’ve been married, and asked if we should keep doing these ten traditional wedding things….

Parenting Now vs Then

Are you a more laid-back parent than your own parents were?  Someone talked to 1,000 people with kids under 16, and 1,000 parents with children over 30.  Here are the top five old-school parenting rules we used