In The Know

Back Up Plan

Almost two-thirds of people who are in a relationship right now have someone else in mind who’s waiting in the wings, just in case things go south. 62% of people in long-term relationships say they’ve got someone

Stupid Pet Tricks

TBS is making a variety show inspired by the “Stupid Pet Tricks” segment from David Letterman’s “Late Show”.  It’ll be a half-hour, ten-episode series hosted by Sarah Silverman. Each episode will have pets performing impressive tricks in front

Bad Careers?

There’s a list of jobs that’s going viral because they sound like they’d be cool . . . but people who work those jobs say they’re not what you’d expect…. 1.  Video Game Developer and “Anything in

Genius Names

Your child’s name might have an impact on their level of success one day. Edubirdie, an online writing platform, has determined what baby names are most-likely to belong to future geniuses. They analyzed over 900 names of