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The K-JO 105.5 Pound Plunge

The 2015 Pound Plunge offers prizes and a celebration at the end, not to mention helping you achieve your healthiest lifestyle yet!  Registering for the Pound Plunge has changed. Now, to make things more convenient for you, each participant will register themselves online. Click on the headline above to get registered today!

Santa Tracker

Track Santa on Christmas Eve and even before that explore the north pole and play fun games.  Right here by clicking the headline above - Merry Christmas!

America's Favorite Movie Is Still "Gone with the Wind"

According to a recent Harris poll that surveyed more than 2,200 adults, "Gone with the Wind" is still America's Favorite Movie . . . even though it's now 75 YEARS OLD.  "Star Wars" is second, followed by "Titanic".

Guys Stay Away From Giving These Gifts

A new study found the worst Christmas gifts a guy can give his wife or girlfriend. The top five are: Socks . . . bath salts . . . chocolate . . . perfume . . . and body spray.

You'll Save $550 on Gas Next Year, and Pay the Least You've Paid in a Decade

According to the latest forecast from the government, the average person will save $550 on gas next year.  You'll spend $1,962, which is down 20% from this year . . . and the lowest number since 2004.

To Give It Away Or Keep It

A new survey found a third of us have bought someone a Christmas present . . . then decided to keep it for ourselves.  And women are more likely to do it than men, 34% to 26%.
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The Most Downloaded Christmas Songs Of All Time

Nielsen Soundscan has released a list of the most-downloaded Christmas songs from 2003 up through last year.  The most popular song was "All I Want for Christmas Is You" by Mariah Carey.  Followed by "Do You Want to Build a Snowman" off the "Frozen" soundtrack.
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What Is The Most Important Part Of A Christmas Song?

A new survey asked people to name the elements that make for the best Christmas songs.  The top three are:  It's easy to sing along with . . . it includes festive sounds like sleigh bells or a choir . . . and it has Christmas references in the lyrics.  Click on the headline above to read more.
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New Diet - Eat All Your Food For The Day In 8 Hours

There's a new diet that's pretty simple:  You just eat all your food within eight hours, at the same times every day, and stop eating at 4:00 P.M.  The researchers say your body does a better job burning calories if it can predict when food is coming.  Click on the headline above to find our more.

Time Magazines Most Influential Fictional Characters Of The Year

Not surprisingly, Elsa from "Frozen" tops "Time" magazine's annual list of "The 15 Most Influential Fictional Characters of the Year."  The avatar of Kim Kardashian from her wildly successful mobile game is second . . . followed by Star-Lord from "Guardians of the Galaxy".  Find out the rest by clicking on the headline above.

Crime Does Pay - In Poop

A Washington, D.C. woman who was sick of a package thief stealing Christmas gifts and just about anything else that came to her door got even by setting a trap for him with her dogs' help. Andrea Hutzler boxed up some of the pooches' poop, and left it at her door.  Check out the video here.
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How Many Marriages End In Divorce?

That old "half of marriages end in divorce" thing isn't true anymore and it hasn't been since the '80s.  About 70% of people who got married in the '90s are still together and predicted to last until death and that jumps to 75% for people who got married in the 2000s.

A Babies Name Says It All released their lists of the most popular baby names for 2014.  The most popular names for boys are Jackson, Aiden, Liam, Lucas, and Noah.  The most popular names for girls are Sophia, Emma, Olivia, Ava, and Isabella.  Read more about it by clicking on the headline above.

Guys Stop Listening After...What Did You Say?

A new study found the average guy tunes out after just SIX minutes of conversation with his wife or girlfriend. The top three topics that make him stop listening are: Talking about people he's never met . . . talking about coworkers or other work issues . . . and talking about celebrities, specifically reality TV stars.
Sebastian Vandrey

KCP&L Outage Map

When the power goes out.  You can find out if it is a wide spread problem or isolated.  Also the tool to report a power outage is available by clicking on the headline above.

Big Deals

Save 20 - 50% on gift certificates when you shop at the Big Deals website.  You are just a few clicks away from big time savings.  So don't hesitate and increase your buying power today!
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