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Buchanan County Booking Activity 3/5

Find the latest booking activity that has taken place in the area counties including pictures and what the individual was booked for.
Flickr/Random Retail

Taco Bell Testing Cream Filled Donut Holes Covered In Cap'n

For at least a decade now, America's state fairs have done a tremendous job making insane fried food innovations.  And we're about to find out what happens when their inventions go mainstream.

The Stats Are In On The Dress Debate

Whether you saw "The Dress" as blue and black or white and gold, odds are you posted about it on Facebook.  They crunched the numbers on ALL of Thursday night's posts about the dress, and here's what they found.
Sebastian Vandrey

KCP&L Outage Map

When the power goes out.  You can find out if it is a wide spread problem or isolated.  Also the tool to report a power outage is available by clicking on the headline above.

Big Deals

Save 20 - 50% on gift certificates when you shop at the Big Deals website.  You are just a few clicks away from big time savings.  So don't hesitate and increase your buying power today!

Get Ready For Bacon Wrapped Pizza

Just when you think our society has reached peak bacon levels!  Someone finds a new way to bacon up our food.   Little Caesars just announced their brand new bacon wrapped pizza.

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