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Coffee Survey

How many cups of coffee do you drink on a normal workday? A new poll found one or two cups is a pretty common answer.  But some of us are drinking a lot more than […]

Twitter Edit

On Monday (June 14th) a designer for Twitter teased a feature that would let you remove your handle from someone else’s already-published tweet. The designer has dubbed this the “Unmention.” At the moment, if you’ve […]

Most Fun States just ranked all 50 states from the “most fun” places to visit to the least fun. The rankings are based on 26 different categories, including the weather . . . the number of attractions, […]

St. Joseph Post News

Woman hospitalized after violent SUV crash

MERCER COUNTY —One person was injured in an accident just after 5p.m. Sunday in Mercer County.The Missouri State  Highway Patrol reported a 2010 Ford SUV driven by Antonia R. Benninghoff, 27, Carthage, IL., was westbound […]