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Poison Ivy Vaccine

If you’ve ever suffered after coming into contact with poison ivy you know how miserable it can be. Now Scientific American (SA) reports that U.S.-based scientists are reportedly working on a vaccine to combat humans’ […]

96 Times A Day

The tech company Asurion says Americans check their phones 96 times a day, which is about once every 10 minutes you’re awake. That’s up 20% from a similar poll in 2017. But it might not […]


If you overshare on dates you’re not alone. Psychology experts say you might be oversharing due to self-control depletion, which happens when you expend your mental resources managing one behavior, which leaves you with less […]

Time 100 Most Influential

“Time” released their annual list of influential people yesterday.  The “Time 100: Most Influential People of 2021” list is separated into six categories: Icons . . . Pioneers . . . Titans . . . Artists . . […]