In The Know

Most Fun States just ranked all 50 states from the “most fun” places to visit to the least fun. The rankings are based on 26 different categories, including the weather . . . the number of attractions, […]

Bucket List Vacations

According to a new survey, Americans don’t want to ease into traveling after the pandemic. 59% of people say they plan to jump back into travel with a “bucket list” vacation they wouldn’t have considered […]

Stiletto Crocs

Balenciaga is going to start selling stiletto Crocs. They debuted at a virtual fashion show online the other day.  And yes . . . they’re more or less just regular Crocs with a massive high-heel […]

St. Joseph Post News

Mosaic CEO urges Buchanan County to get vaccinated

By WHITNEE ICE St. Joseph Post Northwest Missouri has seen a recent uptick in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations. Mosaic Life Care’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Davin Turner says getting vaccinated is the key.  “Even if you contract it and you’ve been […]