In The Know

National Underwear Day

It’s National Underwear Day.  Have you ever worn the same pair two days in a row? Only 68% of Americans say they usually wear a pair once and then wash them.  For everyone else, it […]

Back Up Plan

Almost two-thirds of people who are in a relationship right now have someone else in mind who’s waiting in the wings, just in case things go south. 62% of people in long-term relationships say they’ve […]

Scarlett Johansson Suing Disney

Scarlett is suing Disney for cheating her out of “Black Widow” profits. Scarlett had some box office bonuses written into her contract, based on how the movie performed.  And she says she was guaranteed the […]

St. Joseph Post News

Missouri man injured after violent semi crash

CLINTON COUNTY — A Missouri man was injured in an accident just before 6a.m. Thursday in Clinton County.The Missouri State Highway Patrol reported a 2019 Freightliner semi driven by John A. Wilson, 63, Independence, was […]